50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents, Grandparents & Friends

50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents, Grandparents & Friends

Need 50th anniversary gifts? A 50th wedding anniversary is a celebration that includes ideas like 1964 gifts & decorations to make your party festive. This event truly merits the term golden anniversary gift. Choose from a 50th anniversary gift basket, frames, decorations or even a time capsule. A nostalgic gift that has information about the year make the perfect choice for parents, grandparents, friends or family!
Personalized 50th Anniversary Time Capsule
Regular Price: US$49.95
50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Basket with Stamps
Regular Price: US$89.95
50th Anniversary Gift Basket
Regular Price: US$99.95
50th Anniversary Package CD, DVD, Book
Our Price: US$79.95
50th Wedding Anniversary Frame
Regular Price: US$14.95
50th Anniversary Pillow
Our Price: US$22.95
50th Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Couples Anniversary Print
Our Price: US$29.95
50th Anniversary Signature Frame
Our Price: US$39.95
Personalized Anniversary Print
Our Price: US$37.95
50th Anniversary Poem & Picture Frame
Our Price: US$39.95
50th Wedding Anniversary Set
Our Price: US$54.95
50th Anniversary DVD - 50th Birthday DVD
Our Price: US$29.95
50th Anniversary Centerpiece
Our Price: US$9.95
50th Anniversary Favors - 50th Anniversary Mints
Our Price: US$7.95
50th Anniversary Gift Frame
Our Price: US$24.95
50th Anniversary Book - 50th Birthday Book
Our Price: US$39.95
1964 Book & DVD Combo
Our Price: US$59.95
Tips for a 50th Anniversary Gift
How to Plan a 50th Anniversary Party
9 More Tips for Planning a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
50 years is such a major milestone anniversary that so few couples can ever accomplish. Whether you are buying a 50th anniversary gift for parents, grandparents or friends, note that it is the culmination and proud achievement for celebrating such a momentous event. The sixties were a time for people asserting their independence, yet look at how many couples chose to stay married all those years. Those special people deserve the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts out there. We offer 50th anniversary gift baskets, frames, coins and unique ideas that really touch the hearts of people you give them to. Whether you call it a golden anniversary gift or not, it is a solid golden investment in the couple's future. If they have gone for that amount of time, more than likely it will be until death do they part. They have learned how to overcome any obstacle. 50th anniversary presents that can be personalized allow you to add your own custom message from your heart to let the couple know how much they are envied and appreciated. We can all strive to reach a golden wedding anniversary but few of us will make it.

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