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9 More Tips for Planning a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for Family or Friends

9 More Tips for Planning a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for Family or Friends

Seniorstore.com likes to make things easier for people.

Not only do we provide the best 50th anniversary gifts, but we like to provide suggestions and tips to make your 50th wedding planning to be organized and meaningful.
  1. Figure out how many people are coming, and the age of the attendees. Do any of them have physical problems that might require special accomodations?

  2. Find a nearby venue by interviewing the proprietors about their facility, whether they offer catering, whether they allow music to be played, whether you can decorate the party room, how much help do they offer, and what is required for cleanup.

  3. Drop in on your selected venue BEFORE paying your final deposit, (preferably during another event) and see if you can figure out how things are running. Also check references of people that have already held parties there.

  4. Figure out what kind of 50th anniversary party this will be: informal? formal? snacks? dessert only? buffet luncheon or a sit-down dinner? Once you figure out the type of party you want to hold then it's easier to finish the rest of the planning.
  5. Decide on your 50th anniversary party decorations. Do you want a table centerpiece? Do you prefer candles? Will the venue allow candles? Can you hang decorations like streamers from the ceiling?

  6. Order food, including the cake. Sample the various menu items from a caterer so you know what the quality will be like. Do they setup, serve and cleanup?

  7. Assign jobs to your helpers. Who will be the greeter? Who will give the 50th anniversary toast? Who will decorate? Who will do clean up?

  8. Confirm that your helpers have done their assigned tasks at least 48 hours before the event. Arrive early to do setup and decorating.
  9. Enjoy the moment! Try to enjoy the big day and capture as many memories as you can to hold on to the big day.
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