5 Ideas for 50th Anniversary Gift Baskets

5 Ideas for 50th Anniversary Gift Baskets

Sometimes it’s a matter of narrowing down what you want to give someone for a 50th anniversary.

We sell a popular and unique 50th anniversary gift basket, but some folks are into crafts and making their very own. So we pulled together some neat ideas for you to make your own. Head to your local craft store and have fun! You can create your own present that's interesting and will be treasured...

Here are some tips for creating your own fun 50th anniversary gift basket:
  • Does the anniversary couple like to dance together? You could fill a CD case full of music for seniors CDs from the year they married, years they dated, or even one CD for each year they have been married. Paint the exterior of the CD case in a metallic gold color and wrap it all up for the 50th anniversary party. This 50th wedding anniversary gift will be a fun memory for them, and they will dance around the house long after the party remembering all the special memories that those songs provide.

  • Fill a small 50th wedding anniversary gift basket with a restaurant theme. Locate gift certificates from the couples’ favorite restaurants or dinner theaters. Is money tight- make your own coupon book offering to cook 10 of their favorite dinners for them lover the next year, then find volunteers to help you do it. If they like to cook on their own, get a gift certificate to a local cooking school for a class, or buy some ethnic cookbooks to spur them along.

  • Make a “Your Favorite Pictures” 50th anniversary gift basket. Take a 50th anniversary frame and put a photo of when they married. Put photos all together inside the gift basket and they will laugh at all the funny old pictures when they open their 50th anniversary gift.

  • Are they gardeners? Fill a watering can with their favorite flower seeds or vegetable seeds, a trowel, a small package of fertilizer And get creative with the design. You could put a favorite 50th anniversary saying or love poem with it, and decorate the watering can with their names and wedding date.

  • You could also find a special 50th anniversary gift basket all ready put together for you to buy. It could include special items from the year they were married. Something very rare and unusual would be adding a set of circulated coins, like a penny, dime, quarter and half dollar from that year. Perhaps a DVD of the events of that year, a picture frame with the year and a sentiment on it added could be part of the 50th wedding anniversary gift basket. There are many other cute items that can be included in this easiest yet most treasured of 50th anniversary gift baskets like trivia playing cards, a CD of music from that year or candies that were popular the year they were married.

  • 6) Still stuck? See our other 50th anniversary gifts.

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