50th Anniversary Gifts for Golden Anniversaries for 1969
How to Plan a 50th Anniversary Party

How to Plan a 50th Anniversary Party

How to Organize a 50th Anniversary Party

Have you been chosen as the person in your family to organize a 50th anniversary party? Seniorstore.com offers these helpful tips and ideas to help you get the party off the ground.
  • First, determine approximately how many party attendees are likely to come. Since a 50th anniversary party means that most of the adults are older, how many of them are likely to be able to travel to the event? How many of them are in ill health? How far away do the guest live? By answering these questions upfront, it will help you choose the best venue for the event.

  • Second, choose the place to hold your 50th wedding anniversary party. Event centers tend to get booked up to a year in advance, so book early. Are you on a tight budget? Then book at a local church, community center, or if the weather is good, book at a local park shelter. How many people can the venue seat comfortably? Do they provide tables and chairs?

  • Third, determine what time of day you want to hold the 50th anniversary party. Are you on a fixed budget for food costs? If you offer a luncheon rather than a dinner, it will be less expensive. Contact several caterers and compare prices. If your food budget is restricted, you can purchase much of the food from a food warehouse store in bulk, and hire a friend to heat and serve it as a caterer. What kind of cake do you want? Check with your local bakers for specific golden anniversary designs.

  • Fourth, determine entertainment. Are you planning any 50th anniversary games to keep the guest engaged during the party? Try a 50th anniversary party game like a trivia game from the year the couple married. Do you want to add background atmosphere to the party? Consider a music CD from the year they married, paying the top 20 hits from that year. Also think about showing a DVD from that year that shows news footage, clips and trivia. We offer both of these at Seniorstore.com.

  • Fifth, determine your 50th anniversary gifts. Do all the guests want to get together and purchase a joint 50th anniversary gift for the couple? Many families do this to save costs. You might consider a 50th anniversary gift basket. Another idea is to have everyone chip in money to send the happy couple on a brief vacation to their favorite destination.
  • Lastly, determine your 50th anniversary decorations and party supplies. Calculate the number of 50th anniversary plates, cups, napkins you will need for your guests including extras. How do you want to decorate the room? Remember gold is the official color, so look for 50th anniversary guest books, banners, and centerpieces in gold to make the occasion festive.

    • If you need further advice, please contact our customer service department at Seniorstore.com.
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