40th Anniversary Gifts - Married in 1979

40th Anniversary Gifts - Married in 1979

Select from a variety of 40th Anniversary Gifts - the ruby anniversary for those married 40 years. We have a big selection of gifts for those married in 1979. We are full of 40th anniversary gift ideas to help you make the event successful. We also have 40th wedding anniversary gifts or for any other year on our other store BirthdayandAnniversaryGifts.com.

40th Anniversary Gifts and Gift Ideas
40th Anniversary CD for 1979
Regular Price: US$19.95
40th Anniversary DVD - 40th Birthday DVD for 1979
Regular Price: US$29.95
Personalized Anniversary Print
Personalized Anniversary Print for Couples
40th Anniversary Frame for 1979
Regular Price: US$19.95
40th Anniversary Candies from the 1970's
Regular Price: US$12.95
40th Anniversary Trivia Book
40 years is a long time. Whether you or someone you know has been married to their sweetheart for 40 years, or if you’re friends with someone who’s going to be “over the hill” this year, our range of 40th anniversary gifts are thoughtful and sweet. 40 years ago the 1970’s were in full swing. What a great time for music, movies and politics! Disco music was at the top of the charts, bell bottoms were in style and Saturday Night Fever was playing on everyone’s television. Feminism, anti-war protests and civil rights were all hot topics in political forums. Celebrate these great occurrences with all of our 40th anniversary gift ideas. We have fortieth anniversary gifts like a 40th anniversary gift basket, frames and more! Include a personalized note for an extra special touch. Ruby wedding anniversaries are special! Celebrate accordingly with 40th anniversary gifts. Often people decorate for this party by finding ruby colored tabelware and dark red party decorations for the room. Sometimes the celebrants are even told to wear a dark red ruby dress or a red tie to complete the festivities.

40th Anniversary Ideas

If you are uncertain what to do for this milestone anniversary, let us help you get started with the party preparation. In a recent survey of our customers, we found the following 40th anniversary gift ideas to be chosen as among the top ideas:
  • Order a cake in the shape and color of a ruby from your local baker and have them put the couple's names or a photo on the cake with happy 40th prominently displayed.
  • Make it a funny event. One customer told us what they did- they found some trivia from the year the couple married ( we sell this..) especially about some prices. They gave the couple fake money worth the amount used in the year they married for bread, canned food and other groceries. They they displayed how much of the same things that money would buy today, like instead of a whole loaf of bread, perhaps today they could only buy 3 slices, etc. The customer said everyone laughed and enjoyed the nostalgia.
  • Another unique 40th anniversary idea is to give the guests attending the event 40 pennies and each person comes up to the front and says one thing funny or poignant about the couple or one of them as individuals.

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