How to Choose the Best 50th Anniversary Gift

How to Choose the Best 50th Anniversary Gift

How Do I Choose the Best 50th Anniversary Gift?

When a family member or friend invites you to a 50th wedding anniversary party, you might have a big moment of anxiety when you think about buying the right gift for the couple. There's the worry that you might just settle for buying a gift card for a dinner out, when you really want something that is more anniversary themed. Or, you might be concerned that you get the same thing from the big box card store that someone else is brining to the party.

Here are five gift suggestions for making it easier:
  1. Buy a 50th anniversary coffee table book of memorabilia about the year the couple got married. Often you can find a trivia book that includes entertaining ads from their favorite magazines from that year. They can also look up grocery prices, average salaries, and what their first home would have cost. Often you can personalize the front cover to make it a personalized golden anniversary gift. The inside pages have black and white photos which help you have a more realistic picture of the era.

  2. Choose a 50th wedding anniversary trivia DVD for a pair of video lovers who prefer a more visual way to celebrate their marriage year. This narrated anniversary DVD plays footage from the year’s newsreels, but also includes some song clips. It will also discuss pricing, movies and sports events from the year. Since it is about a half hour in length, it makes for a fun party gift for nostalgic movie later.

  3. Make your own gift basket, or consider buying our 50th anniversary gift basket of nostalgia. We have collated a huge variety of year themed gifts- from candies to the DVD, to a hardcover trivia mini book, actual year stamps or coins, and many other trivia gifts. You can even personalize the gift basket to show your own sentiments.

  4. Start snapping pictures and put the best one of the couple in a year 50th anniversary photo frame. This frame has their anniversary year on it, and says that it is a very good year. Perfect priced as a budget gift idea, this frame is laser engraved and makes for a thoughtful present when you aren’t sure what to get.

  5. To maximize your efforts to find a personalized 50th wedding present, you can also pick a poem or print from the year. These ask for the couples names and allows you to personalize the message for the bottom. The poems celebrate the event in a meaningful way that is specific to them and their day.
Still need other 50th anniversary ideas?
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