How to Choose Games for Seniors & for the Elderly by Lisa Klima

How to Choose Games for Seniors & for the Elderly by Lisa Klima

Lisa Klima, SeniorStore.com

Games for Seniors

Buying games for seniors or a game for the elderly takes a bit of thought. Seniorstore has put together some gift ideas for seniors for games you can choose for seniors that are unique and fun to play. These tips will help you choose the best game for a senior citizen.
Choose a game for a senior by thinking about what they like to do:

Do they like crossword puzzles?

We carry large print crossword puzzles with large print. Both the clues and boxes are larger than average size. These make it easy to read and see. The answers are larger than average size print too.

Is your senior a card player?

Perhaps your senior needs help seeing the symbols on the playing cards. We offer large print cards with big numbers and letters. The cards are the same size as a regular deck, but the symbols, letters and numbers are bigger than average. What is also helpful about the cards is that they change the color of the suits so that you don't have black for both spaces and clubs, for example,. By making each suit a different color, a low vision senior won't confuse the suits when they play. Need some trivia cards? Buy them a deck of trivia cards from the year they were born with trivia, questions and answers for their special year on it. What a fun game for seniors to play on their own, or with a group of other senior citizens.

Is your senior often alone, and need something to do to fill the time?

How about some electronic games seniors can do by themselves? Seniorstore carries a poker handheld game, and also a solitaire game for seniors that can be played alone. These two handheld games for seniors have larger than average size screen and lettering than most electronic games for easier viewing. Measure the display and lettering to see if it will work for the senior you are buying for. If they don't care for electronic games, perhaps a large piece puzzles with larger than average size pieces.

Does your senior like to play games with the grandkids?

Try our game about Reminiscing, where a senior citizen can answer questions about the decades they remember but all ages can play. Or perhaps our non-competitive Ungame for Seniors, where they can share stories about themselves with other players in a non-competitive way.

Does your elderly person enjoy nostalgic trivia games?

Buy a decade trivia activity book like a 1930s decade activity book, or a 1940s activity book. These activity books, found on the games for seniors page contain challenging trivia questions and answers about he decade they represent and include matching puzzles, fill in the blank questions and more.

If you need additional assistance choosing games for senior citizens or games for the elderly, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-704-5913 for more help.
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