50th Anniversary Gifts for Golden Anniversaries for 1969
4 Easy Tips for Making a 50th Anniversary Gift and Party Unique

4 Easy Tips for Making a 50th Anniversary Gift and Party Unique

Anyone can buy a 50th anniversary gift from a store. However, how do you make that present unique before giving it to the recipient? How do you make the party a day to remember?

Here are 5 easy tips to help make your 50th anniversary gift unique:

1) Personalize the gift. For example, look for gifts where you can add your own personalization for the couple celebrating this special anniversary. Our 50th anniversary book or our 50th wedding anniversary gift baskets can both be personalized with a short message on the gold seal. You can say things like “Happy 50th from the Bradleys”, or you can put the couples’ names and marriage date on there to remind everyone of the important date.

2) Add something from their past. Find a coin from the year they got married, a piece of music, or an old photo and add it. It will spruce up the gift and make it more of a remembrance. We offer the top 20 music hits from the year they were married, if that is helpful for you to consider.

3) Decorate the party room with prices from the year they got married. For a cool decorating idea, find out the prices of the most common foods, activities, and expenses from the year they were married. You can find out what things cost like a loaf of bread, a new home, a gallon of gasoline etc. We can help with this task. We have trivia booklet from the year married or born, that have all this helpful information inside them. Next, take the prices and items and make large price tags and tape them to the walls. It will be a fun thing for your guests to do as they wait for the anniversary couple to arrive, and a great conversation piece.

4) Make a video to give the couple after the party.Ask a friend or family member to create a video where people are interviewed about the couple and say funny things about them or share a special memory. You can even show the completed video at the party itself as an entertainment piece. Give it to them later on as a special 50th wedding anniversary idea.
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