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What's It Like Being a Grandma- A Few Thoughts

What's It Like Being a Grandma- A Few Thoughts

What’s it Like Being a Grandma? A few thoughts…

By Lisa Klima, Owner Seniorstore.com

I am still new to being a grandma, but I have learned a few things in the last two years.
  1. Being a long distance grandma is tough. The grandkids change constantly and it’s hard to imagine what they are currently doing. The things that were interested in before and not necessarily what they like now. You just start to build a connection, and then it’s disconnected again for a time.

  2. The parents really are the ones in charge. Get used to asking, asking, asking what they want done.

  3. Worry less about what you will do with them and think more about just being with them. Yes, quality time does matter, but so does the fact that you are there. Enjoy every moment of every visit.

  4. Use the opportunity to show your uniqueness as a grandparent. With blended families, there may be 6 or even 8 grandparents in the picture. Show your grandchild how you are a different grandma from the other ones. All grandmas are special but show them what you believe in, what you like to do, what you like to eat, so they can enjoy the richness and diversity of all their grandmothers. If another grandma is called grandma, call yourself Nana or some other name so as not to confuse the child.

  5. Use every opportunity to keep in touch. Stay up on all the modern technology and connect to the grandchild how they want o connect, not how you want to. If they are into texting and not reading postal letters, start texting.
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